This Vulgar Ford F-150 Commercial Will Make Your Day! NSFW

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The F-150 has plenty of space to carry the soap you’ll need to wash your mouth.

Editor’s note: It may look like the video ends at the 0:28 mark, but it doesn’t. Keep watching!

In the days before the Internet, funny videos made their way around via word of mouth and “knowing a guy.” The infamous Winnebago Man and Big Bill Hell’s commercials are examples of a couple that survived into the age of YouTube, exposing them to a worldwide audience.

Recording a commercial or a training video can be a difficult task. It’s dull, boring work, and it’s not necessarily acting in the traditional sense. It’s easy to understand that the actors involved like to blow off steam and have a little fun.

I’m sure that the actor in this classic Ford truck commercial never imagined that anyone besides his closest friends and co-workers would watch this. The original commercial is a great piece of marketing in and of itself, with Ford chiding Chevrolet for attempting to use Hollywood stunts to sell its trucks.

The actor in question, apparently taking a smoke break, adds a few choice words to the advertising copy in an alternate version of the commercial. It goes without saying that it’s totally hilarious, and totally not safe for work.

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Video by: [nelioatdouglasford]

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