Von Dutch’s Ford-based Truck Is a Highlight of New Petersen Exhibit

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‘Auto-Didactic: The Juxtapoz School’ features unconventional custom rides and moto-themed art and runs thru June 2019.

Ford Trucks attended the Sept. 27 night preview for the newest exhibit at Los Angeles’ Petersen Automotive Museum. The exhibit, “Auto-Didactic: The Juxtapoz School,” focuses on the art and car culture of Juxtapoz Magazine and opens September 29 and running through to June 2019.

As we stood immersed in the artwork and vehicles that exemplify the counterculture of Juxtapoz, we were blown away by what is only the fourth time ever that the Petersen has featured an art exhibit alongside a new auto exhibit. On display is automotive-themed art heavy on hot rods, as well as the colorful and distinct vehicles that inspired and created the vibrant subculture. We were, of course, immediately drawn to the wild custom Ford-based truck prominently displayed. The bright orange truck was the creation of artist, mechanic, pinstriper, and designer Kenneth Howard, better known as Von Dutch.

PETERSEN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM - Juxtapoz School Opening Reception

Howard created his ride, called the “Kenford Truck,” by adding a 1947 Kensworth cab onto a 1956 Ford truck chassis. The result is just incredibly cool. The details Howard added make the Kenford Truck truly enviable. It is a piece of art we wanted to look at, and then drive. But there was security there, so instead we took pictures.

PETERSEN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM - Juxtapoz School Opening Reception

Personal touches and modifications on this classic truck perfectly reflect Howard’s style, humor, and personality. From the hand-painted flaming eyeball artwork, to a chute in the truck that would dispense a can of beer, these cool mods only add to the truck’s already amazing presence.

PETERSEN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM - Juxtapoz School Opening Reception

Of course, Howard added his signature pinstriping, as well as metal artwork on the truck made from an old engine. It adds to the slick hot rod vibe that the truck has.

PETERSEN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM - Juxtapoz School Opening Reception

The Kenford was used as Howard’s personal ride for years from the early 1970s on.

PETERSEN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM - Juxtapoz School Opening Reception

Featured in the first issue of Juxtapoz, the truck exemplifies the style and attitude of the artists and automotive culture captured within its pages.


This is definitely an exhibit with some unique and thrilling custom rides and cool art you’ll want to check out. For more information, go to the Petersen’s website for more information.

Photos for Ford Truck Enthusiasts by David Ciminelli 

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