Volkswagen-powered 1994 Ford F-150 in Action

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Looks like a Ford truck, sounds like a Volkswagen, and there is nothing under the hood.

This week’s “Freaky-Ford Friday” video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Bryan Michaud and it features what might just be the freakiest Ford truck we have ever seen. The original engine has been removed and the engine bay remains empty, as this truck is now powered by a 1,600cc Volkswagen engine mounted over the rear axle.

In other words, this is a 1994 Ford F-150 body and chassis with the drivetrain of a late-1970s Volkswagen Beetle, so while it looks like a half-ton truck, it sounds like a vintage Slug Bug.

VW Engine in a F-150

Idle Walk-Around

In the video above, we get a walk-around of the Volkswagen-powered 1994 F-150 with the engine idling. At first, the cameraman focuses on the engine, giving us a close-up of the various parts of the powerplant before moving to the interior, where we can see the uniquely-mounted manual transmission shifter.

VW F-150 Interior

Next, the cameraman moves to the front of the truck, where he opens the hood to reveal nothing. This 1,600cc Volkswagen engine likely produced somewhere in the area of 50 horsepower in stock form and while we don’t know what sort of modifications have been done to this engine, it is likely far less powerful than any of the engines that came in a 1994 Ford truck. To help this tiny engine move the big truck, the original drivetrain has been removed to lower the overall weight of the vehicle a great deal.

1994 F-150 Engine Bay

Finally, in this idle video, we can see that the truck has a Flareside bed with the engine poking up through the floor and a set of polished chrome wheels.

1994 VW F150 Front

VW F-150 in Motion

In the video below, we get to watch the Volkswagen-powered Ford F-150 in action shortly after the engine was installed. As you can see, the truck has crummy-looking wheels and no bed, so the video above was likely the newer clip while the one below was older. However, with the first video not showing the truck in action, we wanted to include the video below to show that this rear-engine Ford truck does drive.

1994 F-150 with VW Power in Motion

It drives mostly in the grass and it doesn’t get moving very quickly, but this crude driving video is proof that the 1994 Ford F-150 with a 1,600cc Volkswagen engine runs and drives.

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