Volant – Ford F-150 PowerCore Intake

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Ford F-150 PowerCore Intake


Yields a 1-2 MPG Average Improvement



Immediate Release
11, 2008

Volant Cool Air Intakes™

8759 Lion Street

Rancho Cucamonga, CA




, California
– Ford F-150 owners can enjoy improved performance
and increased fuel economy from Volant’s PowerCore filter technology. The company’s Ford F-150 intake system
#197546 improves airflow into the engine and works with the factory Mass Air
Flow Sensor. In addition the use of Volant’s PowerCore 100,000 mile filter is
99.99 percent efficient at removing dust and particles, allowing for more air
to flow into the engine to improve its efficiency and doesn’t need oil.

The Volant PowerCore intake
system has become very popular among F-150 enthusiasts, who claim they are
averaging between 1.5 and 2 mpg improvements in fuel economy. Ford truck owners
who drive an average of 15,000 annually, can save more than $500 a year in fuel
costs by upgrading their factory intake system to the Volant PowerCore. *


In addition, the Volant
PowerCore’s unique sealed intake box protects the intake system from engine
heat and has additional openings to receive cold ambient air for improved
performance. You can see what more F-150 owners are saying about the Volant
PowerCore air intake system by logging onto www.volant.com.
For more information on the PowerCore filter or Volant’s line of intake and
exhaust products, you can visit them on the web or contact them at Volant, 8759 Lion Street, Rancho
, California 91730
, (909)


* Fuel economy improvements
averages $4.47 per gallon price of fuel and compares 2008 Ford F-150 advertised
mileage of 14 mpg to an improved 16 mpg city mileage over 15,000 annual miles.

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