Meet Vintage Ford Parts Picker Doug Blamey (Video)

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If you’re in the market for vintage, and hard-to-findĀ Ford parts, Doug is your man.

It’s common to hear young people say that they feel that they were “born in the wrong era.” Young-at-heart Doug Blamey echoes the same sentiment at a spry 64-years-old. Given that his passion lies in pre-war cars, it’s easy to understand the sentiment.


Some might call him a hoarder or a junk collector, but the most accurate way to describe Doug is as a “parts picker.” As any car enthusiast can sympathize, it’s easy enough to collect parts that are to good or rare to throw away.

After stashing vintage car parts for decades, Doug has quite a collection of parts, many of which haven’t been available for decades. As a hobby, and a nice side income, he uses his considerable expertise to help other collectors and restorers find hard-to-locate parts, or in some cases, entire cars.


Doug’s specialty is in pre-war Fords. His first car was a 1949 Ford convertible, followed by a Model A and a Model T, all before he was ten years old! Over the years he’s developed something of a “sense” for tracking down old cars.

Once on a family vacation Doug spotted a shed, and to hear him tell it, he just knew an old Ford must be inside. He stared at it from afar for days. Sure enough, months later he returned to that very shed to bring home its hidden treasure – a 1933 Ford Sedan Delivery.


Doug is a car guy much like us, with a keen interest in the vintage Fords that put them on the map before the F-Series was even a twinkle in an engineer’s eye.

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