Vintage Ford Broncos Invade Pacific Northwest

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Oregon’s Northwest Bronco Roundup features dozens of 1966-1977 Fords with a variety of modifications.

An infestation is usually a bad thing. However, the town of Florence, Oregon, recently endured a different (and much cooler) type of infestation: Horses. Ford Broncos, to be exact.

YouTuber Follow Jesus captured the action as dozens of 1966-1977 Ford Bronco owners galloped into the small city for the 2018 Northwest Bronco Roundup, a rolling celebration of the first-generation of the blue oval’s iconic SUV. It wasn’t just a show-and-shine kind of get together, though. Part of the event included a trip out to the Oregon sand dunes for some off-road action. Northwest Ford Bronco Roundup

Judging by the looks of the rigs lining the streets of Florence, these Broncos gallop over sand, and rocks, and dirt, and mud, often. Despite being sought-after vintage automotive icons, they’re clearly used to do what they were built for, and modified to do it even better. It seems as if every Bronco has at least one aftermarket part on it. Most of them have several mods ranging from knobby tires with almost comically thick sidewalls, to aftermarket wheels, replacement bumpers, new seats, apocalypse-ready winches, and head-detonating sound systems.

Some of the Broncos proudly wear the scars of their journeys into the wilderness–a rusty scrape here, a prominent dent there. These SUVs belong to history, but they also belong to people who seem to believe that the best way to honor an automobile they love is to drive it. They make it an extension of themselves and their personality, not obsess over whether someone breathes near it, or looks at it the wrong way. Northwest Ford Bronco Roundup

This year’s roundup did a great job of showcasing early Broncos. Of course, we’re wondering what the 2020 event will look like. We have a feeling the much-anticipated next-generation Bronco will make an appearance or two…or six.

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