Meet a Badass 1979 Ford F-150 Named MudZilla (Video)

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This sinister vintage Ford F-150 pushes almost all the right buttons for most off-road truck enthusiasts. Or does it?

We at Ford Truck Enthusiasts are pretty big fans of Blue Oval trucks of any era, but we have a real soft spot for pickups from the late ’70s through the early ’80s.

This may peg us as children of the 1980s and early 1990s, but our toy boxes and televisions were filled with lifted boxy Ford pickups like the one in this video from Saneauto. This classic Ford F-150 dubbed MudZilla is modified in that classic ’80s monster truck style, but with a few modern touches. The deep steel-blue and beige two-tone paint, and the muscular chrome details make it resemble something the bad guys would be driving in Roadhouse, or another gutsy film or TV show.


Did we mention chrome? Man, this F-150 has a lot of chrome. Miles of chrome. Even visible chassis and suspension components are plated for additional dazzling effect. Seeing as this truck is lifted, there’s quite a lot of them, too.

The mostly-stock interior is a nice surprise, though. It looks to be well preserved and in original condition. It’s likely that this was a pretty clean truck to begin with, and we like most of the modifications performed by the owner.

Even though this mean F-150 is dubbed MudZilla, we won’t begrudge the owner from avoiding actual dirt, mud, and gravel like the plague. That’s a lot of real estate to keep clean, and on this beautiful truck, a scratch would ruin our day.

Do you agree?


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Cam Vanderhorst is a contributor to Harley-Davidson Forums, Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and MB World. He is also a co-host of the Cammed & Tubbed podcast.

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