Video: The Little Ford Trucks That Could

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The Ford Explorer and Ford Ranger aren’t exactly the trucks you think about when you think of a badass off-roading machine that destroys trails and eats mud for breakfast. That being said, the Ford trucks shown in this video are everything but “little.”

This muddy footage by Mudtakes us to an off-road party where everything and anything is doing sweet jumps, crossing swampy creeks and is covered in mud. Regardless of how little the Ford Ranger and Explorer look compared to other full-size trucks which borderline monster truck sizes, the little Ford trucks still hold their ground.

The red Ford Explorer shown doing wheelies at the beginning of the video is rather impressive, but it seems to be Ranger with swamper tires that takes the spotlight for the rather long but entertaining video. The little ranger is seen struggling on a muddy creek, but it eventually makes it out, only to go play with the big boys in the enormous mud hole.

I think I want a Ranger now…

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