Ford Monster Truck Battles a Chevy: Video

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Two Powerful Offroad Beasts Play Tug-of-War to Prove which is the Toughest Truck on the Block

Big wheels, big suspension, big differentials and just about big everything — that’s what monster trucks are all about. But when is a truck too big? Perhaps when you can no longer daily your truck, or you need a ladder to get into it?

The drivers of the two trucks featured in this video by My Love TV clearly fall into that second category. Their trucks are far from driveable, but they sure are cool (and huge). The Ford monster truck is big and mighty while the Chevy is… well, a Chevy.

Truck pulls — or truck tug-of-war — is a common practice by many (insane) truck owners. It basically proves nothing other than the fact that one owner is willing to completely ruin his or her beloved truck. That’s exactly what happens in this duel between the Ford monster truck and the Chevy.

We won’t spoil the result for ya. But then again, this is a Ford and not a Chevy website, so go figure.

There is plenty of additional cool off-road footage in this compilation clip, so enjoy the video!

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