Shocking Video: Ford F-150 Gets Smashed by Train and Driver Survives

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Train wrecks are perhaps some of the, if not the most scary kind of wreck there is. The combination of any size vehicle being smashed at speed by a behemoth of a machine simply renders the smaller vehicle helpless and the chances of surviving nearly zero. That’s why you can consider the outcome of this video a complete miracle.

According to NEWS 7 Boston, a commuter train crashed into a white pickup truck, which of course we can identify as a previous-generation Ford F-150, and dragged it over 100 feet down the tracks until it was able to come to a complete stop. According to the police investigation, the railroad crossing signs and warnings were operating properly, and surveillance video shows the 76-year old driver of the F-150 simply ignoring them.

Whether the driver was distracted, or maybe impaired in one way or another, it simply looks like the truck drove straight past the warnings and into the path of the train. Although the main cage (primarily steel on this generation F-150) was severely damaged, the elderly driver suffered no life-threatening injuries. The victim was airlifted and seems to be in stable condition, which judging from the video is quite outstanding.

Authorities have not ruled out the fact that the driver may have been suffering from a medical condition at the time he drove through the crossing.

Rock on, Ford!

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