Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Ford Econoline Tire Slayer

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If you thought the boxy Econoline was only good for hauling kids, you’d be wrong!

We seldom bring up full size vans like the Ford Econoline when discussing burnout vehicles. If you think about it, vans like the E-150 are practically just as capable of lighting up the rear tires as pickups. The Econoline van is based on a similar body-on-frame chassis as the Ford F-Series, and even share many of the same drivetrain options.

For example, the E-150 Econoline van in this week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” is likely powered by either the 4.6L or 5.4L motor from the Ford truck lineup. The V8 channels its power to the rear wheels like a pickup, and although there’s technically more weight over the back of it, it’s still capable of spinning the tires loose.



This video by Asselin begins with the Ford van inching forward, struggling to spin the tires. Although the title of the video is “Insane Ford Econoline Burnout,” the first ten seconds or so, are far from insane.

However, right around the ten-second mark things begin to change, the video starts living up to its name. It’s not often we share a video of a van doing a burnout, but when we do — it doesn’t disappoint.


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