Vending Machine Distributes Ford Vehicles in China

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Ford Mustang in Vending Machine

There do not appear to be any Ford trucks offered in this program, as this program focuses more on the higher volume models like the Taurus, the Focus, the Fiesta and even the mighty Mustang. However, with the popularity of the Ford SUVs in China, some of those vehicles might be introduced to the test-drive program as well.

Free for Some, Available for Most

The Alibaba Ford test drive vending machine is free for potential buyers who have a credit score of at least 700. The Chinese credit system differs from the American system a bit, but with a range of 350 to 950, 700 doesn’t seem to be outrageously high.

Ford Mustang Leaving Vending

Fortunately, if your credit score isn’t over 700, you can still participate in the program, but shoppers with the sub-700 scores will have to pay a fee for their three-day test session.

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