Vaughn Gittin Jr. Details the Funhaver Ford F-150

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When you think of performance trucks, most usually think of Ken Block’s awesome RaptorTrax, or BJ Baldwin’s ridiculous desert racers. You don’t normally think of professional drifter and all around nice guy, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Although, you really should.

funhaver2Last year, at SEMA, Vaughn unveiled a secret project that he collaborated with Ford over. It was called the ultimate Funhaver Ford F-150. It took much of its inspiration from those trophy truck rigs BJ is known for, but put a decidedly drift friendly manner about it. It was lowered, given more power, and was fitted with a hydraulically assisted handbrake, much like you get in Vaughn’s Formula Drift Mustang.


However, it had knobby tires, and a seats up to five with custom seats and five point harnesses. It’s a proper Funhaver as the name implies. To kick the truck off right though, Ford and Vaughn got together to put together a short video of just what this truck can do with its twin turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine. Take a look.


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