The Valentino Rossi VR|46 Ford Ranger Is Perfection

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Who knew the world-famous motorcycle racer would have a soft spot for the Ford Ranger?

Valentino Rossi is a very busy and talented human being. He’s one of the most successful Moto GP riders of all time, he’s successfully tested Ferrari Formula One race cars, competed in the World Rally Championship, and has even dabbled in NASCAR as well. Basically, if you give the man anything with wheels, he can be competitive with it. Now, aside from piloting speedy machines, he is moving into the designing department. And just like racing, he seems to be an expert from day one!


The talented Italian has started a company called VR|46 Cars, and their first creation is a limited edition Ford Ranger that is basically our dream truck.

The VR|46 starts life as a Ford Ranger Double Cab 3.2 Limited 4×4, and then it gets an extra dose of awesome. A custom Pedders Suspension system adds 1.75 inches of lift, and gives the truck a sportier look thanks to bespoke coloring on the shocks and springs. To make use of the new suspension, it also gets a set of satin-black 18-inch alloys wrapped in BFG tires with locking nuts and custom caps.


And then you get to the really good stuff.

Look closely at the truck’s exterior, and you’ll find custom bumpers, new skid plates, wider wheel arches, a real spoiler, laser headlight assist, a huge roof-mounted light bar, and rear taillight guards. The entire truck is then surrounded by an external roll cage, just in case you have a hard time keeping the thing shiny-side up. Custom graphics and a new exhaust round out the aggressive look.


Inside, the VR|46 Ranger gets Napa leather seats, leather interior trim, custom headrest with logo embroidery, and a racing-inspired flat-bottom steering wheel. You also get large rubber floor mats and custom door sill covers to help keep the thing a little cleaner.

If you want this incredible truck, you better get that checkbook out. Oh, and you might want to find your passport as well, because as you guessed, you can’t get this thing in the US. Don’t be too said, because most of us wouldn’t be able to get one anyway, because production is limited to 460 units for the UK and another 460 units for mainland Europe. We don’t know how much this particular truck will cost, but we assume it’s going to be in the “if you have to ask” realm.

As a final note, if you love the idea of a VR|46 Ranger, but don’t really like trucks, they have a custom Ford Transit as well!

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