V8-Swapped Ford Courier Carries Lots of Hot Rod Appeal

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Ford Courier

Stuff a build 302 in a tiny, lightweight Courier, and you’ve got a guaranteed recipe for sleeper fun.

The original Ford Courier was, to be honest, not exactly a giant sales success. Even during the dark days of the fuel crisis, people were reluctant to give up their V8-powered, full-size trucks. And who can blame them? But we’ve always though the Courier was a cool little pickup, save for its obvious lack of power. And as you can see from this 302-swapped ’75 we spotted on Craigslist, that problem is easy to correct.

There’s little that good old fashioned V8 power can’t fix, and a tiny compact pickup is certainly a great place to start. Amazingly, this particular Courier was swapped a full 30 years ago, presumably generating nothing but smiles and giggles ever since.

Ford Courier

The hot rodded compact has also been treated to a few additional go-fast goodies, including an RV cam, Rhodes lifters, headers, and dual exhaust. The feisty engine has a C4 automatic transmission with a shift kit behind it, feeding the power back to a 2.80-geared 8″ rear.

Ford Courier

Your only real clue to what’s going on with this former econobox is a hood scoop. Well, and that obvious V8 rumble. Otherwise, no one would ever suspect this Courier to be capable of gapping plenty of fast cars from a dig. Especially when you factor in the less-than-perfect paint and semi-ragged interior appearance.

Ford Courier

Still, we’re digging what this humble Courier is dishing out. And it’s no surprise that with a mere $3k asking price, the truck was gone before we could even notify you of its presence. After all, a cheap, cool toy like this offers up plenty of fun for the dough. And it proves that even a Ford Courier can be a hot rod, too!

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