V8-Powered Ranger Conquers Pond: Muddy Monday

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Driver of modified Ford Ranger shows off his feisty off-road skills, all while grandma cheers him on!

We’ve previously featured several Ford Ranger pickups on “Muddy Monday” videos. Aside from showing everyone a good time, they show that the Motor Company’s smallest truck can do big things. Especially when modified!

This video comes to us courtesy of Morgan Sheldon, who transformed his 2001 Ford Ranger into a wicked mud truck. This project began with a full frame-off build, followed by the installation of a 460-cubic-inch Ford V8, a C6 automatic transmission, a Dana 60 front and 70 rear axles, a fancy suspension setup, and a set of 39.5-inch mud tires. In order to keep the water out of the exhaust system, the owner transformed an old chrome roll bar into a through-the-bed exhaust system. A fine piece of redneck ingenuity!


After finishing the build, the owner wanted to test out the mudding capabilities of the truck, but simply driving through mud won’t prove a thing! On the other hand, driving through a small pond which could easily engulf a stock Ranger seems like a great test for a purpose-built off-road truck.

The truck first enters the water and quickly makes it to the far side, where it promptly gets stuck. However, he backs up and makes one more run, successfully climbing out of the pond and onto dry land – making grandma let out a celebratory scream.

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