Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Ranger Baby-Gender Reveal

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Ford-driving Future Dad Uses Manliest Way Ever to Announce Baby News

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” post likely has the most unusual title of anything we have ever run here on Ford Truck Enthusiasts, but it is exactly what you might think. Revealing the gender of an upcoming baby at a party with some sort of surprise element has become very trendy, and while most couples open up a box of colored balloons, these folks chose to reveal the gender of their baby with a nasty burnout.

Ford Ranger

The details on this Ford Ranger are short, but we know from the details that this little truck has a V8 engine. The Ranger has also been fitted with a set of rear tires engineered to burn a bright color rather than whitish-grey, but no one in the crowd knows what color.

As the burnout begins, it only takes a few seconds for bright pink smoke to begin pouring out from under the rear end of this early Ford Ranger. At that point, all of the women in the crowd cheer with the excitement of the big announcement. However,, the video is really just starting to get good.

Ford Ranger

The V8 Ford Ranger spends almost two minutes smoking the rear tires in bright pink, easing towards the camera as the video draws to a close. To add a little extra flare to the fun, the driver of the Ranger lets the back end of the truck slowly walk around towards the camera. This gradually gets the little Ford pointed in the other direction before the river lets off the gas and speeds away from the camera for a short distance as the crowd continues to cheer.

Baby gender announcement parties are generally a bore for guys, but for dads that want to add a little horsepower to their party, this Ford Ranger owner has the right idea.

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