Up Close Look at Ford Ranger Raptor Stateside

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New video footage of the Ford Ranger Raptor . What do you guys think? . Video by @paulmaric . #addoffroad #addictivedesertdesigns #fordranger #fordrangerraptor #fordraptor

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Off-roading company posts footage of the new Ford Ranger Raptor looking and sounding badass.

While we’ve been very interested in seeing what impact the 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor has been making overseas. Of course, we also want to know when do we start getting them in America? We did get a nice juicy glimpse of the truck here in the United States. Addictive Desert Designs, an aftermarket and custom off-road shop in Mesa, Arizona got their hands on a Ranger Raptor and were nice enough to post it on social media recently so we could get a look.

The video clip was posted on their Instagram and Facebook pages. The footage shows the Ranger Raptor being loaded up on a truck, presumably to be shipped to one of their lucky customers. The narrator of the video points out that this Ranger Raptor has a 10 speed automatic diesel engine, Fox racing shocks, decals on the side, Ranger and Raptor badging on the truck, tow hooks, and one good looking suspension.

Ford Ranger Raptor

“Pretty awesome looking thing,” the narrator says. And it is. Not only does the Ranger Raptor look super sharp, it sounds so good. That diesel exhaust note is heaven! It makes us wonder (and maybe whine) ‘Why aren’t they offering this in the United States?’

Addictive Desert Designs surely has some very cool plans for this truck, and we will be following them to see what their plans are for the truck. But we’re certain that the Ranger Raptor will be a perfect platform for some hardcore off-roading mods.

What do you think of the Ford Ranger Raptor? Sound off in the comments, or let us know in the forums!

S.J. Bryan is an editor with Ford Truck Enthusiasts and regular contributor to F-150 Online and Harley-Davidson Forums, among other auto sites.

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