One Unlucky F-150, and an Even Unluckier Man!

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Two Cities, Two Trees, Two Cars and the Unluckiest Ford Truck Owner in the World

Have you ever had something extremely unlucky happen to you? We once had a lightning strike a tree about 10 feet away from us, which we would consider somewhat unlucky. Though it certainly could’ve been much worse. Now, if we would’ve been nearly struck by a lighting bolt twice in the same day, now that would be extremely unlucky. That’s the kind of story we have for you today.

FOX40 of Sacramento, California, reports that Gerogiy Karpekin recently had two vehicles smashed by two different trees in two different cities. We know what you’re thinking, how’s that even possible?!? Apparently it is. Fortunately, Karpekin’s positive attitude is perhaps the highlight of this hellish story, which includes the destruction of his beloved Ford F-150 truck.

“You know, life’s full of peaks and valleys, man,” Karpekin told FOX40.

The world’s unluckiest man was visiting Sacramento City College, where a strong storm knocked down a massive eucalyptus tree. Unfortunately, the tree found Kaperkin’s Ford F-150 a suitable place to rest and smashed it into pieces. Or as Kaperkin mentions on the video: the tree “taco-ed” his truck.

Additionally, Kaperkin did not receive any comforting news upon his return to home. Once at his residence in West Sacramento, he realized that his second vehicle had been victim of similar faith! What looks like a massive palm tree came crashing down on two different vehicles, one of them his.

“Yeah, and then I come home and two other cars, huh? My luck. I bought a lottery ticket. It didn’t win, but…” Karpekin told FOX40. “I feel like I’m the luckiest guy. Why? I came out alive. Everything is fine. My insurance is covering it. There’s no other way to look at it, right?”

This goes to show that despite one’s unlucky setbacks, there’s always a positive side to every story.

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