The Ultimate Guide to Diecast Fords

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Diecast cars have been around for ages. And they’ve gone from children’s play things, to collectors items and things that sit on the desks of everyone in the automotive industry. I myself have three of them currently sitting on my desk as I write this.

However, through the years, there has been so many produced, by so many different manufacturers, as well as automotive manufacturers as well, that it’s hard to differentiate many of the diecast cars out there. Thankfully, Veloce Publishing has just picked up a new book that’s set to help in figuring out what exactly you have. At least so long as the diecast car is a Ford.


According to Veloce, “Ford in Miniature captures, in more than 400 color photographs with commentary, the largest collection ever assembled of hand built scale models of American Ford Motor Company cars and light trucks.”

Essentially, it’s a guide to all the diecast cars that have been put out through Ford, Edsel, Lincoln, and Mercury during a period from 1930-1969.

For those interested in collecting diecast cars, this is definitely the book to pickup. No pun intended.

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