Two-tone 1958 F-100 Gets a New Lease on Life

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Ford F-100

Third-gen Ford truck fan inherits grandfather’s incredibly clean F-100 and immediately starts giving it the attention it deserves.

One of the coolest things about the Ford Truck Enthusiasts community is the passion of its members. And that passion for all things Ford often comes from many generations of family members. Our fathers and grandfathers drove and relied on Ford trucks, so naturally, so do we. And when their old trucks eventually make their way into our possession, we tend to keep them in the family. And that’s exactly what FTE member milkstake decided to do when he inherited his grandfather’s 1958 F-100 recently.

“Just inherited my pop’s old truck. It’s been sitting in my grandma’s warehouse since the early 90s. I’m still in the planning stages and I have to see if I can get it running. Back before it got parked, it was having trouble with oil pressure. It would idle fine, but any throttle would drop oil pressure completely. He passed away in the early 90s, so we don’t know for sure what he had done to try and fix it. My grandmother says he changed the oil pump, but he was never able to locate the correct bearings. The truck sat ever since.


After finally digging the F-100 out of storage, the OP found it to be in pretty darn good shape, however! The first order of business was to make a list of parts it needed to become road worthy. Which, of course, requires a little permission from the significant other.

“I haven’t even attempted to start the truck yet. Still trying to get the fuel system restored and collect parts that I need (wife wont let me spend money on it yet). This truck is in great shape, just extremely dirty. So dirty that almost everything seized until I cleaned it up – choke, e-brake, normal brakes, clutch…).”

Despite that, the more the OP stripped the old F-100 down, the better it looked.

Ford F-100

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