Did You Know Two-Thirds of New F-150s Sold are EcoBoost?

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2015 Ford F-150

Like it or not, the EcoBoosts are coming. Last month, two-thirds of all 2015 F-150s sold came packing a turbocharger. Not too long ago, the big V8 was the staple of the modern pickup truck, but with Ford, those tides seem to be changing.

Sales of the F-150 were strong in May, and expected to rise as Kansas City continues to pump out more and more trucks, increasing capacity to maximum. Ford touts their EcoBoost engines having the power and performance of a V8 with greater fuel economy, but ultimately makes the decision about if they’re right or not.

For 2015, another EcoBoost engine was added to the F-150 lineup; the 2.7L. I’m a huge fan of that engine, and found it well suited for the F-150 and other applications. Now there are four engines available for the F-150, and only one of them is a V8. Now, there’s one naturally-aspirated V6, two turbo V6s, and a V8.

Obviously, the more turbo engines offered would mean more people would buy them, but seeing a 2/3rd take rate is pretty impressive and a strong indication that people are buying into the EcoBoost engine philosophy.

Will your next truck be a turbo EcoBoost? Let us know in the forums!

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