And Twins! The Yetti Lightning Can Run a 4.9 1/8-Mile

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There are only two possibilities for a car when it has pipes sticking out of its front bumper: Either it’s one badass mofo that could smoke you, or it’s the Frankenstein work of some mechanic who had no idea what he was doing. Ninety percent of the time, as is with this F-150, it’s the first option. This is Yetti, a twin-turbocharged Lightning sent from the heavens to destroy every drag strip it faces.

Its owner is Jimmy Dolan, who thought racing cars was just too boring. “Making a car go fast is pretty cool, but making a big truck go fast is badass,” he said. So, after the inspiration of seeing another turbo truck while at the shop, he went out and built himself one … only better.

The chassis was improved to handle more power, then he dropped 417-cubic-inch small-block Ford from Bennett Racing Engines into the bay. The forced induction comes courtesy of two 88mm Bullseye Power Turbos. Now his 3,900-pound Lightning is running 4.99-second 1/8-miles at 147 mph. More details over at Dragzine.

via [Dragzine]

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