Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by Nitto Tire

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Stupefyingly fast, twin-turbocharged Ford F-150 rockets down the quarter-mile in ‘Murican fashion.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” features a twin-turbocharged Ford F-150 pickup, which according to the truck’s tuning shop, On3Performance, it makes over 800 horsepower!

While the video itself doesn’t offer many details, looking around the company’s website uncovers that this F-150 sports their twin-turbo kit for the 5.0L V8 engine, along with Mustang GT camshafts, and an E85 ECU tune. If our math is correct, and so are their claims, this F-150 makes 702 rear-wheel horsepower, which after an 18 percent drivetrain loss factor amounts to 850 horsepower.

In this video, the twin-turbo F-150 also has a set of sticky drag radial tires. And based on the stance at the line and how the truck squats on launch, it seems likely that it’s had some suspension work performed to help put the power to the ground.


The video begins with the F-150 staged at the starting line against a Chevy S10 race truck. Judging by the difference in how they launch this appears to be a bracket race, with the Ford dialed 11.50 and the Chevy dialed 9.00.

The F-150 gets the head start and blasts away from the line, but about 100 feet from the finish we can see the back-end dance around as the truck loses traction. However, even with traction issues, the powerful half-ton truck runs the quarter-mile in 11.1 seconds at 123 mph. According to the video, the shop plans to head back to the track and drop down to the 10-second range. With better traction, a 10-second run seems well within the reach of this bad boy.


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