Tuned 2017 F-150 Beats a BMW: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday

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Heart of the Mustang GT allows this 2017 F-150 to shine in a quarter mile drag race.

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of David Abore and it features his 2017 Ford F-150 making a quarter mile run against a BMW 5-Series. This might come as a surprise to Bimmer fans, but with minimal modifications, the full-size truck beats the German luxury-sport sedan to the finish line.

Tuned 2017 F-150

The truck in the video above is a 2017 Ford F-150 with the short cab, the short bed and the 5.0-liter V8 – a similar engine to the one featured in the Mustang GT. The two V8 engines are tuned differently from the factory, but the truck benefits from a good tune in much the same way as the muscle car, and that is on display in this race with a BMW.

The truck above appears to be running in rear-drive (we do not know if it is a four-wheel-drive truck) and it appears to have the stock wheels and tires. Upgrades to this V8-powered F-150 include a cold air intake, a cat-back exhaust system and an engine tune from a guy name Ken Osborne.

F-150 Vs BMW

Taking on the BMW

The video begins with the 2017 Ford F-150 doing a quick burnout and then pulling to the starting line, where the truck waits for the BMW. Once the sedan pulls to the line and the green lights drop, the Ford hops out to an early lead, but the sedan hangs right with him.

The two sprint down the track side-by-side and in the end, the BMW took two-hundredths less of a second to get to the starting line, but with the stronger start, the F-150 gets the win light with a time of 13.66 at 101 miles per hour.

Mid-13s from a truck that is more or less stock with a tune is mighty impressive, allowing to beat the likes of a BMW 5-Series.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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