Tug-of-War Fail: Ford Truck Versus John Deere

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john deere vs ford truck

While the majority of our Tug-of-War posts probably lean on the side of Ford, we wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re overly biased here, so we’ve included the video below. Unfortunately, it may just be Ford’s least shining moment yet, or perhaps it just features one of the most bad-ass John Deere lawnmowers ever.

I don’t even think you can fairly call that thing a tractor, and yet it makes seemingly easy work of the old Ranger. Well, easy might not be the right word, as the engine does throw a howling puff of dark smoke into the air. But still, not much sign of a struggle.

Alas, it appears the little Ranger that couldn’t just had a bad day. Or perhaps the never-winning combination of open diff, pizza cutter tires, and no weight in the back just couldn’t hang; that’s certainly YouTube commenter TheFatAssCat’s opinion. Which may very well be true, but we’re also going to have to agree with another commentator, Mike Manley (who may or may not be the head honcho for Jeep): “If the truck didn’t spin, he would win.”

So worry not Ford truck fans. It was just a little matter of physics that got in the way here. Your normally scheduled programming of Ford-trucks-kicking-ass will resume shortly.

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Via [SpeedSociety, YouTube]

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