Truxedo Deuce Tonneau Installation on 1997-2003 F150s, Part 1

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By Jimmy Chambers

This article covers the installation of a Truxdeo Deuce tonneau on a 2001 F-150 Supercab. Installation
for 1997-2003 F-150s is the same, and should be similar for other model years. The instructions were pretty self explanatory. I had no problems
figuring out what to do to install the Deuce. The wording and pictures were
easy to understand. The only tools that I needed were a ½” and a 9/16″
wrench.The total installation took less
than 1 hour.

The only thing that I found was
that if you have a plastic bed liner, at least in my case, I had to cut out a
small piece of the tailgate cover to clear the release latch to roll up the Deuce.
This was not a big deal, but may be something that could be mentioned in the
instructions. I noticed this when I tried to butt the rear of the side rails up
to the tailgate per the instructions. It wouldn’t touch on the driver’s side
until I notched it out.

All and all, I am very pleased
with the product. I used to have to keep my tool bag behind the drivers seat,
which took up seating space, but now with the easy opening front section of the
Deuce, I can now keep my tool bag in the bed and out of the elements and out of

The installation is pretty
straight forward after you modify the tailgate cover of the bed liner (if so

Step one is to install the long side brackets to the side of the bed.
The supplied clamps are easy to use and the only tool required is a 9/16″
wrench or socket. You line up the rails to where the outer edge is level with
the top of the bedside and the rubber seal is against the closed tailgate.

There are two of these clamps per side on the long rails. I installed
them rear first and then the front one. I spaced them so that they would
support the weight evenly.

Next you install the front sections of the side rails. They are marked
drivers side and passenger side. They clamp on the same way as the long side rails
do. Just place them per the instructions and clamp them down so that the rubber
seals are the same height as the rear rails.

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