Trump 100% Sure About Penis Size and Ability to Stop Ford’s Expansion in Mexico

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During last night’s Republican presidential debate on Fox News, Donald Trump confidentially confirmed the size of his penis to Marco Rubio. Today, at a rally in Michigan, Trump also confidentially stated that he can stop Ford’s expansion in Mexico. Both statements are pretty bold.

At a speech at Macomb Community College, Trump stated that he believes that he “100% sure” he could stop any future plant development from Ford in the country of Mexico. He describes Mexico as the new China, and that as president he’ll negotiate better business deals to help US businesses and prevent companies from manufacturing items in other countries.

Ford Trucks at the 2016 NTEA Work Truck Show_01

The F-650 and F-750 was produced in Mexico, but Ford brought it back to Cleveland.

Trump has a history of picking on Ford exclusively, the only company to not receive a major bailout from the federal government during the economic crisis of the last decade. Even though Ford hasn’t closed any plants in the United States since 2011, and haven’t said anyone is going to lose their jobs, Trump has targeted a Ford plant in Mexico as a talking point in his campaign.


We went straight to Ford last year, who confirmed that while they are investing in expansion in Mexico, the plant is for vehicles and components that’ll never be sold in the United States. They also confirmed no jobs are slated to be lost in the United States as part of this project.

During the debate where Trump felt the need to defend the size of his penis, he was asked if he’d start producing his clothing line in the United States. He told the audience that he can’t produce clothing profitably in the United States and didn’t take Rubio up on his suggestion to manufacture the clothing year. He went on to say how difficult it is for textile companies to survive in this country.

That’s all well and good, Mr. Trump, but that’s the exact same argument that automakers have been making for awhile. Why is it okay for you to make a nice profit producing your goods overseas, but when an automaker wants to make a profit they aren’t allowed to?


But I digress. Currency manipulation is a legitimate concern that companies like Ford are trying to fight against. Again, it seems odd to attack a company that is actually on your side when it comes to addressing the currency manipulation concern. We reported on Ford’s desire to work with the government when we toured the EcoBoost plant in Cleveland last year.

Of course Trump is using this rhetoric to rally support behind his presidential bid. As Commander-in-Chief, he can’t just make laws that punitively affect just one company, and any legislation passed has to go through Congress first. But when you’re in Michigan, which has high unemployment, it’s easy to take shots at a lot of issues that isn’t the water crisis in Flint.

At the end of the day, Trump is actually on point with the currency manipulation concerns, but addresses it in his own way. It’s also a way that seems to resonate well with potential voters, based on his polling numbers.

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