Which Trucks are Stolen Most in Texas? Hint: They’re Built Ford Tough

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We recently highlighted a recent string of tailgate thefts in the Lone Star State from Ford pickup trucks. While new Fords automatically lock the tailgate when the doors are locked, that is only a recent innovation. But thieves aren’t just looking at tailgates to make a quick buck. No, they’re actually stealing the whole kit and kaboodle! In the North Texas area, Ford trucks top the list of most trucks stolen.

The DFW Metroplex is a densely-populated area of northern Texas that includes Dallas and Fort Worth. While trucks are popular all across the state, this area seems to draw in the thieves, and according to Truck Trend, it’s also an area that’s littered with chop shops.

It makes sense. Ford trucks are the best-selling trucks in the state, so they’re also the likely to need repairs more due to accidents. These chop shops can easily part out a Ford truck and make the parts available, illegally of course, to local body shops and other repair facilities. I’ve driven in Metroplex traffic. I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents than there already are!


The city of Dallas has reported 200 truck thefts so far this year. Fort Worth is at 60 for the year, and nearby Garland is at 44. Of the 55 trucks stolen in Irving, 22 of them were specially F-250 Super Duty trucks.

Statewide, 2,440 truck thefts have been reported through the end of March. Ford is leading the way in overall thefts, with General Motors coming in second. Ram (and Dodge) trucks round out the podium. Toyota follows suit, even though of the truck brands they’re the only ones constructed in Texas.

So how do you avoid getting your Blue Oval nicked by thieves?


First off, make sure you are locking your doors. While it might be common for those living in the city to do so, I personally live in a small community where locking doors isn’t something a lot of people do. Many thieves are criminals of opportunity. Don’t give them an easy opportunity, they’ll go on to the next potential victim.

Secondly, along with locking your doors, please lock your tailgates. Tailgates are expensive components that are easily removed. When you factor in what is in a tailgate anymore, including a rear-view camera and a tailgate step (if equipped), they can easily be worth $5,000 or more!

Park in a well-lit area or a garage. Thieves like easy targets and parking on a dark street is an easy target. This is mostly common sense, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

Also, if all else fails, you can put a snake in the cab like they did in Gone in 60 Seconds!

Being the best-selling vehicle in America means the Ford F-Series is likely to be the most-stolen vehicle in America. It’s a numbers game. But with a bit of thought you can avoid being a victim.

What ways do you go about protecting your precious from theft? Let us know in the comments or over in the forums!

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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