Trucks Gone Wild! Off-Road Competitions at 2019 LS Fest West

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Off-roading LS Fest West

Ford Truck Enthusiasts was on the scene and deep in the down-and-dirty for some hardcore off-road fun.

This year hoards of attendees crashed Las Vegas to attend the 2019 Holley Fest West. We saw burnouts, hooning, drifting, racing, and a whole lotta’ amazing rides at the Show-N-Shine.

One highlight was the off-roading. We witnessed LS-swapped vehicles take on a wild course, do some epic jumps, and kick up a lot of dirt. Many modded out Ford trucks were in attendance. These F-150s, Raptors, and more were up for the challenge and truly tore it up. And this was no easy competition. The track was built by Ultra 4 Racing, the creators of King Of The Hammers.

Off-roading LS Fest West

The trucks were heavily modified for the event. Many were rocking a pre-runner setup, perfect for the terrain.

And that is how you do it.

The trucks tore around the track, taking on the hills and taking flight.

Off-roading LS Fest West

We saw a lot of skillful driving, they make it look so easy! The trucks handily conquered the track.

The importance of off-road mods was apparent. Beefy tires, modded suspensions, lifts, truck body armor, and light bars made the trucks perform incredibly against the dirt, dust, and vertical challenges.

Off-roading LS Fest West

These mods also gave each ride a distinctive style as well as individual advantages.

But one event that gets the crowd on their feet is the jumps. Can you blame them?

Off-roading LS Fest West

Each truck brought the heat, and got some amazing air.

Off-roading LS Fest West

The launches were badass. Period.

Off-roading LS Fest West

It is always amazing to watch these trucks defy logic and gravity!

Off-roading LS Fest West

If you missed out on the action, don’t worry. Holley is bringing the 2019 LS Fest East to Bowling Green, KY, September 6-8. Check it out!

Photos for Ford Truck Enthusiasts by Derin Richardson

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