Truckin Fast: Yellow F-150 Lightning Runs Low 10s

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yellow lightning launch wheels up 600

This week’s Truckin Fast video heads to St. Thomas Raceway Park in Sparta, Ontario where we watch what is obviously a heavily modified Ford F-150 SVT Lightning charging down the quarter mile with the quickness.

After a solid burnout, this bright yellow F-150 eases to the staging beams and when the lights come down – the blown V8 helps this nasty fast F-150 rip away from the line with the front wheels up off of the ground.

As amazing as the burnout and launch may be, the blast down the quarter mile by this supercharged F-150 Lightning is a sight to see – with the result being an elapsed time of 10.2 seconds and a trap speed of 131.57 miles per hour.

This is an impressive quarter mile time for anything but the fact that it is a fairly heavy full sized pickup makes this video well worth a second look here on the front page. This blown SVT F-150 sounds awesome as it rockets down the quarter mile so crank up your speakers and enjoy! Join the fun in the forum.>>

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