Truckin’ Fast & Worked Ford Explorer Flyby

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97 worked explorer

It is unusual for a random flyby to be featured on Truckin’ Fast rather than a drag strip run or an actual race of some sort, but for this week’s video, I wanted to give a hat tip to the Explorer community. This 1997 Explorer is a truly unique project, starting with a 4.0L 6-cylinder, rear wheel drive model with a swapped-in 5-speed manual transmission.

This Explorer has also been modified with a 3.73 rear gear while the engine output is increased by adding a cold air intake, a mildly ported intake manifold and a custom tune on an SCT tuner.

In the video, the ’97 Ford Explorer starts off in the distance and races past the camera, likely at a much quicker pace than could a stock 6-cylinder Explorer from that era.

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