Watch a Wicked Ford Diesel Speed Plowing

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ford tractor race

This week’s Truckin’ Fast doesn’t actually feature a truck, but it does have a wicked Ford diesel partaking in one insane competition.

As you figured out from the image above, this video shows a heavily modified Ford tractor participating in a speed plowing race somewhere overseas. I don’t know all of the rules, but it appears as though these tractors go head to head to see who can plow their area of field the quickest. This includes a great many laps around the field with some wheel-lifting turns at the end of the rows.

Throughout the video, the diesel engine under the hood of this Ford tractor is pouring thick, black soot from the center stack, creating a cloud of smoke above the field during the competition.

The Ford tractor in the near lane appears to win the race and as the crowd cheers, the driver hops out to kiss a baby.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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