Truckin Fast Wednesday: Stock 2015 Ford F150 Runs 14s

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2015 f150 1485

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday video doesn’t feature a heavily modified F150 pickup blasting down the quarter mile, instead showing a new F150 in stock form cruising down the quarter mile in the high 14 second range. That might make this the slowest of the Truckin Fast features, but with so many people buying the new F150, I figured that it would be nice to see what one can do in stock form.

According to the details, this is a factory stock 2015 Ford F150 XLT 4×2 model with the 5.0L V8, so this truck has 385 horsepower and 387lb-ft of torque. When coupled with the lightweight construction of the 2015 F150, this Ford pickup is able to dash through the quarter mile in 14.85 at 95 miles per hour – which is a mighty respectable run for a stock half ton pickup.

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