Truckin’ Fast Lightning F-150 Runs Down Ranger

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ranger v lightning

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a race between a Ford F-150 SVT Lightning and a heavily modified Ford Ranger. We don’t have any details on either of these trucks, but it is clear that they have both been modified in pretty much every way to get down the drag  strip as quickly as possible.

This particular Lightning versus Ranger matchup is a bracket race, with the smaller truck in the near lane getting a slight head start over the F-150 Lightning. At the end of the track, we can see that the Ranger dialed a 9.26 while the SVT F-150 dialed an 8.73 – giving the Ranger a head start of just over a half a second.

The Ranger gets out to a decent early lead, but the Lightning runs him down, running an 8.74 on the 8.73 while the Ranger ran a 9.28 on a 9.26 dial. It is a great drag race between a couple Truckin’ Fast Fords, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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