TRUCKIN’ FAST Super Duty Takes Flight

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soaring super duty 600

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a worked Ford Super Duty pickup out playing in the sand dunes and while this certainly isn’t the fastest Super Duty we have seen – it gets going fast enough to take flight when it reaches the peak of the biggest sand dune.

There are no useful details about this big Ford truck, but it is clear just from looking at it that it has been fitted with some suspension modifications to get it sitting nice and high in the air – which makes plenty of room for the huge chrome rims at all four corners.

The result of these modifications are a Ford Super Duty pickup that has no qualms about charging through the sand and when it hits the peak of a large sand dune, the truck has enough speed to blast through the air for more than a few feet.

Best of all, this heavy duty Ford pickup was able to make that jump and land without any damage (shy of the junk bouncing out of the bed) so this Super Duty was able to drive away where other trucks would have broken vital components on the hard landing.

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