Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: Buck Wild Ranger Flies

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A 2005 Ford Ranger gets chopped up, lifted up, and signed up to race.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video features what we are led to believe is a 2005 Ford Ranger, participating in a Tough Truck race at the Knox County Fair. This purpose-built race truck appears to have kept the stock grille, hood and bedsides of a 2005 Ranger, but everything else is gone.

On the other hand, the roaring V8 engine under the hood, the high-riding suspension, and what appears to be a predominantly tube-based chassis did not come from the factory (duh), but they do make this an awesome Ranger.


If you are familiar with Tough Truck, you likely know that the sport has two types of competitors: folks with beaten stock trucks, and folks with purpose-built race trucks. The goal for the old stock trucks is to get around the track without falling apart, while the purpose-built trucks to put on a show for the crowd while turning the best time.

This Ranger is clearly a purpose-built machine, and fittingly, the driver puts on a hell of a show while getting around the track in a hurry. And thanks to the healthy V8 engine it sounds as great as it performs.

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