TRUCKIN’ FAST Ford F-150 is One Stunning Sleeper

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blown f150 quarter mile white 600

This week’s Truckin Fast video features a fairly new Ford F-150 in some quarter mile drag racing action. Nothing is known about this pickup other than the fact that is supercharged and that it obviously has a V8 engine.

We can also see that it has a sportier stance than the average regular cab F-150 as well as some unique wheels so at first glance, you might expect that it is a little quicker than stock.

When this Ford F-150 begins doing a burnout roughly 30 seconds in, it is very clear that this truck is more than just suspension, wheels and tires. When the F-150 rips away from the starting line just before the 1 minute mark, it becomes evident that this is one seriously fast Ford truck.

We cannot see what this F-150 is racing against, but with an elapsed time of 10.96 and a trap speed of 127 miles per hour – this is one truckin’  fast F-150 that could hurt the feelings of most muscle car owners.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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