TRUCKIN’ FAST Ford F-350 with Snow Tracks Tears Up the Snow

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super duty trax 600This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a 2001 Ford F-350 Super Duty fitted with truck tracks at all four corners. With the help of what sounds like a modified PowerStroke diesel engine and a serious suspension package, this high riding F-350 is able to race through even very deep snow without breaking a sweat thanks to the snowmobile-style tracks mounted where the wheels would go when driving in the summer.

This video shows the F-350 Super Duty with tracks tearing around a big, open area that turns out to be part of a ski slope and if you haven’t seen tracks like this in action before, this video is a great example of how well they work. We get to see the monstrous F-350 accelerate through the packed snow and then easily turn away from the camera, with the soundtrack provided by the PowerStroke diesel engine.

Crank up your speakers, enjoy this video and prepare to fall in love with the idea of adding tracks for your Ford truck.

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