Ford Bronco Bounces Around the Tough Truck Track

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bronco tough truck

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a “modified” full size Ford Bronco taking on the Tough Truck course. In the world of Tough Truck/Rough Truck, we see everything from completely stock trucks that fall apart as they go to completely built, race-ready trucks that breeze through the dirt courses. This Ford Bronco falls somewhere in the middle of that scale, as it has clearly been modified to compete, but it clearly doesn’t breeze through the track.

When the run begins, the Ford Bronco appears to be doing alright, cutting through the first turn quickly and taking the first small jump with speed. However, as the Bronco goes along, we can see that the suspension is not up to the abuse of the jumps – causing the big SUV to bounce all over the track. As the Bronco gets to bouncing, the driver is forced to slow down to make the turns and the run suffers, but it is still a ton of fun to watch the big Ford lumber around the tight track.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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