TRUCKIN’ FAST First Gen Explorer Drifts Like Crazy

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drifting 1st gen explorer

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video takes us to Kaufbeuren, Germany, where someone with mad drift skills is playing around with a 1st generation Ford Explorer SUV in a rain-dampened roundabout (or traffic circle, if you prefer).

During the course of the 3-minute video, we get to see this old school Explorer use 4.0L V6 power to keep the rear wheels spinning as the driver blasts around the roundabout with a whole lot of forced oversteer.


He goes round and round with the rear tires of the Explorer spinning on the wet pavement, taking short breaks as other cars and trucks enter the traffic circle.

The 1st gen Explorer was great for many reasons and before today, I had never considered drifting to be one of them. However, this video just offers one more reason why the Ford Explorer has become the sales force that it is today.

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