Truckin’ Fast Ford F-250 Plays in the Snow

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f250 snow drift

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a Ford F-250 drifting around an empty parking lot in the snow and with Michigan being pummeled with snow as I write this piece – it seemed like a fitting piece today.

The details on this F-250 are short, but really, what do we need to know to appreciate the fun of sliding around a big, open parking lot after a fresh snowfall.

This is really just 2 minutes of an F-250 sliding around and around in the snow, with short breaks in the fun when the driver got way too close to the building and another time when he locked it into four wheel drive to push through a deep snow bank.

Best of all, the F-250 owner brought a little VW with him to show us why playing with a rear wheel drive vehicle in the snow is far more fun than playing with a front wheel drive vehicle.

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