Watch a Rugged Ford F-150 Rockets Through the Tough Truck Course

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f150 tough truck jump

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a rough and rugged Ford F-150 taking on a Tough Truck course. Tough Truck racing takes full size trucks and puts them on a small dirt course that was initially designed for high flying motorcycle action. The result is a track that batters the trucks – often leaving the trucks missing parts when the run comes to an end.

The Ford F-150 in action here is the ideal Tough Truck contestant, as this truck appears to be in very rough shape before taking the green flag. With only two wheel drive, this F-150 spins its tires the whole way around the dirt track, having to stop and back up to make a few of the tighter turns. Also, the driver hurdles the F-150 over the bigger bumps and jumps, leading up to one big jump at the end.

To get the most bang for his buck, the F-150 stops on the last straight, backs up for a better run and soars off of the huge final jump – nearly bending the truck in half.

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