TRUCKIN’ FAST WEDNESDAY Explorer Kills It at Tough Truck Track

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explorer tough truck blue

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday takes us to the Knox County Fair Tough Truck course, where an older Ford Explorer takes on the jumps and curves of this rugged race track. For some vehicles, Tough Truck is a chance to show off how quickly they can make their away around these high flying dirt tracks while for other vehicles, the Tough Truck course is where they see their last seconds of fame.

In this case, the Ford Explorer in action is living out its final good minutes on the Tough Truck course at the Knox County Fair Grounds, but it is doing so in grand fashion. It is clear that the driver of this Explorer is looking to put on a show more than he is looking to turn the quickest lap, and as he slams down over the final jump – creating a shower of broken parts – the crowd cheers one final time for this battered Ford SUV.

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