Truckin’ Fast EcoBoost F-150 Beats Up a Blown Tundra

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f150 beats tundra

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a drag race between Ford F-150 EcoBoost pickup and a supercharged Toyota Tundra. Unfortunately, there are really no details with this video, so we don’t know anything else about either of these trucks, but I would guess that the Tundra is powered by the 5.4L V8.

Without knowing anything else about the two trucks, some people might expect that a supercharged V8 Tundra would be able to take down a twin turbocharged V6 F-150, but while the Toyota has clearly been modified – the F-150 obviously have some work of its own.

When the green light drops, the F-150 jumps out to a sizable lead right away and from there on, the Tundra struggles to catch up. Although the Toyota has the higher trap speed (101.4 – 100.9), the F-150 got down the track quicker and first, with a 13.47 to the Tundra’s 14.01.

While this isn’t the quickest F-150 we have featured by a long shot, it is fun to watch what is likely a minimally modified Ford truck beat up a supercharged V8 Toyota.

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