Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: Bronco II Pretends to Be a Bird!

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Tame-looking Ford Bronco II shows us how Tough Truck racing should be done.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video features an early Ford Bronco II tearing through a Tough Truck course. Tough Truck, also known as “Tuff Truck” or “Rough Truck,” is essentially production pickup or SUV racing around a dirt bike course. To make it fun, it features lots of jumps and ruts which are far too rough for the average street ride. As a result, many of the trucks and SUVs that participate literally fall apart during the run!

The race begins with the Ford Bronco II off in the distance, charging across a small jump followed immediately by a bigger jump right past the starting line. While The Bronco gets big air off of the second jump and bounces around on the landing, the small sport utility vehicle handles its first test without losing any parts.


We don’t get a time on the Bronco’s run, but considering the ease with which it cleared the track, and the fact that it lived to run another day, we would bet that this high-riding bad boy stood a good chance at winning the competition.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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Video via: [MidnightMadness4x4]

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