Truckin’ Fast Bright Yellow Ford F-150 Soars

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This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a heavily built Ford F-150 pickup taking on the Tough Truck course. We feature a great many Tough Truck, Tuff Truck and Rough Truck videos here and in most cases, we watch as near-stock trucks are battered and destroyed by the bumps and jumps of the course. This week, we get to see what happens when a Ford F-150 built to race on this rough, muddy course takes to the track.

The bright yellow Ford F-150 – which is really just a tube chassis with an F-150 body and, hopefully, a Ford engine – starts off hot and heavy, blasting away from the starting line and making short work of the first hard turn. He pops over the first jump, slips easily through the next tight turns and barely bats an eyelash at the smaller bumps on the track. Finally, after kicking up dust as the driver blasted down the final straightaway, this bright yellow F-150 flies off of the huge closing jump –landing smoothly on the other side.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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