2017 Raptor F-150 Tackles Dirt & Drag Strip (Video)

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Ford Raptor F-150

Ford’s Rockin’ Raptor Tackles Some Tough Terrain and Proves Why it is the ‘Ultimate’ Off-Road Vehicle

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video features the 2017 Ford Raptor F-150. We see it showing what it can do in two very different settings. First, there’s an intricate off-road course, then a quarter-mile drag strip.

The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is designed to be the ultimate off-road truck that you can still drive daily. At the same time, the 450 horsepower, twin turbo 3.5L EcoBoost V6 paired with the new 10-speed automatic transmission will likely make this new Raptor the quickest stock F-150 ever, shy of the SVT Lightning.

The new truck is made to stomp the competition off-road. But it will still likely hang with almost any American production truck on a drag strip. So, the crew from PickupTrucks.com spent time with the new F-150 supertruck. The guys took it to an off-road vehicle course and then to a quarter-mile drag strip. This video gives us a chance to see the Raptor do what it does best: storming through the dirt and making short work of pretty much every obstacle. It does all this while also getting down the quarter-mile quicker than any other current F-150 can in stock form.

Within the first minute and a half of the video, the 2017 Ford F-150 doesn’t get going all that fast, spending more time easing through deep off-road obstacles than blasting along the dirt paths, although we do get some high speed dirt shots. During this early portion of the video, we see how easily the new Raptor gets through some sticky situations, but we also get to hear the EcoBoost V6 scream as it cruises through the dirt.

The second part of the video shows the 2017 truck making a pass down the quarter-mile. We don’t see the numbers for this run, but we know that the new Raptor will run the quarter-mile in the low 14-second range.

Crank up your speakers and watch the Raptor rock out in the dirt and on the drag strip.

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