Truckin’ Fast Roush Supercharged Raptor F-150 Runs 13.4

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roush raptor 134

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a Ford SVT Raptor F-150 with modifications from the folks at Roush making a hard run down the quarter mile drag strip. While we don’t have a full mod list, we know that this Raptor F-150 has a 6.2L V8 fitted with a Roush supercharger, which increases the output up around 590 horsepower.

That is quite a jump over the 411 horsepower offered by a stock Raptor F-150 and all of that extra power helps the big four wheel drive truck get down the quarter mile quite a bit quicker than stock. On this run, the Raptor runs an 13.4 in full street weight and with the stock offroad tires – making this one impressively quick Ford F-150.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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