TRUCKIN’ FAST Ranger Super Duty Diesel Duel

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ranger super duty diesel duel

This week’s Truckin’ Fast has a pair of diesel powered pickups squaring off on the quarter mile, with one being a short cab, short bed Super Duty and the other, a Ford Ranger. There is no information listed for either of these two diesel burning Ford pickups, but you can tell from looking at them both that they are probably pretty quick.


After the Ranger does an incredible burnout, the Super Duty does a far less impressive attempt and the two PowerStroke’d beasts pull into the staging beams. When the green lights drop, both Ford trucks rip away from the line with a trail of black smoke behind both as they race down the track. The Ranger gets out to an early lead and continues to pull away on the big end, beating the Super Duty by a comfortable margin.

In the end, the Ranger ran a 10.57 at 130.92 miles per hour to the Super Duty’s 11.43 at 126.62 miles per hour – both of which are pretty Truckin’ Fast. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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